We make collecting data, building reports and sending out notifications as easy as filling out a  form


e-mail: information@psjtwo.com 

At PSJTWO we design easy to use electronic forms and databases that collect, refine and send you real time information, allowing you to implement your business plans based on up to the minute data. 
Our systems are so intuitive that you won't need to train your staff.  As long as they have access to a desktop, a tablet or a smart phone, they can submit their reports, inspections and timesheets on the spot and have it emailed directly to essential persoonel.
We provide solutions for productivity, incident and hazard reports, vehicle inspections, time sheets, online induction assessments, cultural and work place surveys and more. There is no limit to what can be achieved, you tell us the data you need captured and we will make it happen.


Consider the time and cost involved in your employees filling in forms, collating paperwork, doing data entry and manually preparing daily, weekly and monthly reports.  

Now imagine being anywhere in the world and being able to access your critical information in real time.


  • Streamline your data collection;

  • Eliminate paperwork, duplication and potential for error
  • Create and use reports in real time;
  • Build an information base to help create opportunities to grow your business