We make collecting data, building reports and sending out notifications as easy as filling out a  form


e-mail: information@psjtwo.com 



Forms are very easy to fill out.

A sample form is set up for you to try that is fully functional and operates in real time.

Add your e-mail and get a copy of your submissions. (E-mails added in the form will not be used to send you information or marketing so why not give it a try)

Why not give us a call and set up a form for use on your site to see what it can do.

Ask for a 60 day trial in your work place without obligations. We will have you first form up and running in 48 hours with e-mails and data available to you from the first time someone presses submit.


Our philosophy is about providing tools that don't need instruction. Once a person clicks on a link it will guide them through what they have to do.

We aim for fast, simple and cost effective integration that not only improves your information collection and data analysis but makes the job easier. 

Your employees will find this gives them more free time and allows them to have a better knowledge of what is happening around them.